12 ene. 2011

Antariden the Dream Chaser (The Green Eclipse II)

I saw the sky green coloured, and the sound of a hellish choir coming from the horizon while I stared again at the top of the universe, waiting for the destruction. Then the planet appeared as I expected and the name "Antariden" came to my mind. The planet stopped falling and suddenly it opened it's mouth. It was alive, with a face of pure terror.
- I AM... -started to say-.
- Antariden -I said-.
- How dare you to interrupt me?
- Because if you are not here for destroy everything you better get out of my way.
- I'll do it for sure, and you'll be the first. You'll never reach the Eclipse!!!
It came closer and I realize it wasn't a planet but a Bloodmoon. I wondered why a Chaos moon would rebel against me but in it's eyes I found the mark of Assartus, the wanderer of order, following me even in dreams.
- Remember your inner condition, don't you feel the enthropy burning in your ethereal blood? -I said-.
- That feelings were banished beyond the space and time, I can't move, I can't think, the wrath... IS RETURNING!
- As I said before, try to destroy me or let me pass.
- Your wish.
Then the empty carcass of Antariden exploded and ripped the fabric of reality. I just sit in the sand and closed my eyes until embrace the awakening...

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  1. EL final esta mas cerca que ayer, pero mas lejos que mañana---

  2. interesting read, lots of originality.


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