17 nov. 2010

A brief history about the Lone Time Traveller

I fell over the sand, practically dead.

Everything came into a dead end and my inner universe was broken into pieces.

In my last dream alive I was condemned to see my biggest mistake ever, orchestrated and spitted to me with renovated anger in an eternal circle of despair.
I couldn't keep my eyes open for longer. I wished with all my remaining strenght to travel back in time and undo the Apocalypse.

I...I can't... leave this place without the... answer
The... Eclipse... it's high in the sky... don't... leave me...

My words were blown away and lost in the Green Valley and I really thought that was the end...


Then, I woke up of the coma.

''Where I am?
What's this place?''

I saw her, my muse was staring at me from a corner.

''You must be thirsty''

And she spread her legs.

''Come here, my dear, remember the madness flowing through your veins, giving you chills. Remember who you really are and what you really want, because you won't a chance like this anymore''

When my face entered into her shrine and my tongue touched the core of chaos, all the worlds collided, all the universe was immerse in a huge cataclysm and my blood was turning Grey again.

Even the Eclipse was affected by the surreal clash.
Even the ghosts were claiming my redemption.

3 comentarios:

  1. Muse diary:
    "Help his soul, if he deserves it.
    Does he deserve my help?
    No nightmares on his dreams,
    no nightmares on his eyes...
    No nightmares tonight,
    only if he deserves it"

  2. Me alegro de que hayas vuelto a escribir :)


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